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“National holidays in North Korea tend to be occasions where the regime expresses their power to the North Korean people and the wider world,” Dr Alexander says. “Indeed, the current round of tensions began just over a year ago on 9th September 2016 when North Korea exploded a nuclear bomb underground. The DPRK was founded on 9th September 1945, days after the surrender of Japan.”.

** Sabah al-Huda and Mina high-end and Radwan Lord you wellness…
* Absalk O my friends.. Amana prayed Fajr
Nnita before the dream…..

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▀▀ * ▀▀ * ▀▀ * ▀▀ * ▀▀ * ▀▀ * ▀ * ▀▀ * ▀ * ▀▀ * ▀ * ▀▀▀ * ▀ * ▀▀▀ * ▀▀▀ * ▀ * ▀▀▀ < br> The grave calls for 5 times says * * * * * * * *………… * * * * * *
I am the house of unity: so make the reading of the Quran yours.

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