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I’m told that Spielberg’s film is quite faithful to Dahl’s original, about a young orphan (Ruby Barnhill) who is abducted by a giant (Mark Rylance) and taken away to a magic land, where she discovers that he’s the sole friendly member of a race of giants a kind and melancholy soul at the mercy of his bigger, man eating brethren. I haven’t read the book, so those who adore it and are horrified at the idea of anyone changing a word may well enjoy Spielberg’s heartfelt, respectful version. But the film suffers from the one thing that Spielberg films almost never suffer from stasis.

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They said that Jibreel made a mistake and came to the Prophet Muhammad instead of Ali or those who claimed that God was dissolved in his body. The Imam became a god who fought them and killed them, but he did not kill them wherever they were. Ibn Taymiyyah (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: I went out to fight them on the mountain in Cham for more than a decade.

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Dark, leafy greensIf you’re looking for a tasty side dish, spinach or kale can give you an iron boost. There are lots of ways to prepare them. Steam, sautee, or chop and add to your salad.

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