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A little after midnight, theUSS Doylearrived on the scene and

Doing all right, Cantabene said Thursday morning. Making progress. We going to find out a lot today to see what he can do with his shoulder, and then we going to make a decision tomorrow about whether he going to play Saturday. The fact that the court divided 5 2 on this issue its two previous redistricting opinions were unanimous attests to its difficulty. The majority opinion states frankly the governor’s plan “appears to have relied to some extent on improper non legal criteria” that left it “perilously close to running afoul” of the state constitution. But the balance of the constitutional requirements, the court ruled, was on the side of the governor’s plan..

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fake celine handbags October 10, 2012Sports DigestFormer All American Len Elmore collapsed during a meeting Tuesday of the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics at Washington’s Ritz Carlton Hotel but walked out of the conference room under his own power about 20 minutes later after being evaluated by paramedics. When the meeting resumed, Southern Methodist University president Gerald Turner, the panel’s co chairman, announced that Elmore explained he has had this problem before and that it was related to “a long standing health issue.” Turner said Elmore was returning to his hotel room, and it was unclear immediately whether he planned to seek medical attention. Elmore, 60, was a three time All Atlantic Coast Conference player at and remains the Terps’ career leading rebounder fake celine handbags.