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According to Grant due to on the field protests

It’s a chance for these kids to have something for Christmas, where there otherwise would be nothing.”Tyler Penfield, 8, a third grader at Poinciana, put a HotWheels car on his wish list and hopes to also get slippers for his 4 year old sister, Samantha.Edoris Maddox, 8, a second grader at Poinciana, can’t quite remember what he put on his wish list, but is assured because “my mom knows.”Ja’Kavian Williams, Fake Bags 9, and his friend Qwinterias Hunter, also 9, were both thrilled to purchase sparkling silver and crystal heart pendant necklaces for their mothers.Williams chose a guitar and a Beyblade game for himself and Hunter made sure to get gifts for his father and stepfather a Miami Heat T shirt for his stepdad and Miami Heat hat and watch for his father. And a RipStik waveboard for himself.Asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, both Williams and Hunter said they want to be policemen. When the nearby officer heard that, he said, “Why not a football player? They make more money.”Hunter’s reply? “Policemen help more people.”Ashley Hunter, also from Poinciana, whose favorite subjects are math, science and reading was on the lookout for anything Hello Kitty.Ultimately, she brought a bracelet for her mother, a fishing rod for her brother and a gingerbread kit for her and her mother to make gingerbread.Lt.

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