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And make it a mercy to the worlds

You are probably also anosmic to most musks. Once you learn about this, it really helps when smelling fragrances that aren working. There are a few out there for me, like Kenzo Winter Flowers and the new Badgely Mischka Couture that smell like dirty socks, most likely, because I can smell any sweet musks that are in the blend.

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If Takashi’s nods to the scary twins in The Shining weren’t already established, his finale did the job. He sent out sets of real life, very pretty twins, one in a neat child’s dress with that puritanical Fifties vibe, and the other in that same dress embellished with blood like beading. “Twins look identical but they’re different from each other,” Takashi concluded after the show, making parallels to the double sidedness he’s seeing in the world right now.

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