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canada goose outlet toronto Research by technology company Misco has revealed this is what classrooms could look like in just 10 years’ time. Share CommentsClassrooms in Cambridgeshire could be transformed by virtual reality field trips, AI teaching assistants, and exams on blogging in as little as 10 years, according to new research.Technology company Misco spoke to education and IT experts to find out what the classroom of the future might look like, and found that technology is going to play an even bigger role in students’ learning in the next decade.The results of the research have been made into a series of artist representations, which give a glimpse into the future of the UK’s education.Research by technology company Misco has revealed this is what classrooms could look like in just 10 years’ time.While the research found that the classroom itself will still exist, the way learning is delivered in them could be radically different.Dr Nick Smith, courses director and founder of Oxford Home Schooling, believes technology will have a big part to play in how lessons are delivered.Impington Village College to train the next generation of Cambridgeshire teachersHe said: “Some learning may happen on your smartphone, some cheap canada goose cheap canada goose may be delivered by augmented reality and some may happen in a virtual reality, and these learning experiences will be incredible!”Research by technology canada goose sale company Misco has revealed this is what classrooms could look like in just 10 years’ time.But Dr Smith says the teacher will remain a central part of the classroom. He said: “There are some basic facts about secondary education that won’t change teachers will still be at the heart of the classroom or learning experience.”Terry Chana at Misco says these new ways of delivering traditional lessons will require new tools.Music lessons on Skype planned by new national arts education centre in CambridgeHe said: “I expect we will see artificial intelligence play a much bigger role in classrooms in the next few years.”Children are already using AI tools such as Siri, Cortana and Alexa to help find resources, and smart assistants could support more effective teaching, as well as helping with out of school hours mentoring for students.”Misco’s scientists also predict virtual reality will play a huge part in teaching, and say some schools are already adopting the technology to conduct field trips from the classroom.Research by technology company Misco has revealed this is what classrooms could look like in just 10 years’ time.Dr Smith has experienced a VR tour of the human body, covering all aspects, right down to the nucleus of a cell.”As a biological science graduate, I found it astonishing canada goose outlet toronto.