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But in September, when the credit reporting behemoth Equifax

On March 8, 1997, Pete Mielnik went where no other Ephrata wrestler had been the winner’s circle in Hershey. Weighing in at a scant 217 pounds in the 275 pound heavyweight category,Mielnik still capped his year with a 36 0 mark and the first PIAA wrestling championship in school history. Today’s photo offering, from LNP’s Blaine T. Shahan, captures Mielnik during his title bout withQuakertown’s Tom Petko, who weighed in at 268 the morning of the finals.

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If the morality is to go to our soil in a proper manner, the country will prosper, the good of the good and the good

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Event ticket price: RM 10
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Student booth:
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