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But it failed to redact the same information in some other

If for /F recieves any STDERR output from the del command line, the command in the loop body is executed, which is set =; this is an invalid syntax, therefore set sets the ErrorLevel to 1. The 2> nul portion avoids the message The syntax of the command is incorrect. To be displayed.. Air hose connector on my suit came off while I was working in [redacted] again, a CDC scientist wrote in a May 2013 email to other agency staff, who other records show have a history of being part of the agency Viral Special Pathogens Branch, which works with deadly viruses like Ebola. The scientist wrote that a colleague helped them out safely, reattaching my hose as best he could I live to work another day! The CDC sought to conceal that the incident occurred in a biosafety level 4 lab, blacking out a checkbox from the top of the form that corresponds to a BSL 4 lab on the agency main Atlanta campus. But it failed to redact the same information in some other reports.

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