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But we have to press the button around the offline

Many people have asked me a lot. Four button buttons are added to the AF-S 70-200mm lens.
This button. AF-L function with AF-ON starts at the first function. – If we select AF-L, this button will lock the focus at that point.
How to use. work We need to focus first. Focus on the desired point. Press and hold the button. (Any button around the lens) to lock the focus point. We can release the index finger from the shutter button. But we Replica Designer Handbags have to press the button around the offline. When to release
– If AF-ON is selected, this button will focus instead.
How to use Press any button to find the focus by the button. When we select the AF-ON function, it functions instead of pressing the shutter halfway. Or do the AF-ON button (D500, D850, D5, D4, and other AF-ON button) to find the focus instead of the button in the camera. The 4 buttons use the focus lock and find the focus according to the function we choose. We do not have to press the camera anymore. The shutter button is not to wear faster than scheduled. And this button Was introduced in the 70-fossil

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