Why? AsJames Kyngeof the Financial Times noted earlier this year, it appeared to be part of an effort to attract Chinese officials who were no longer holding their banquets at lavish five star establishments due to the stigma of corruption. Prada,Luis Vuitton and Gucci are among the luxury brands who are seeing slowing sales in the country. Diageo, the world’s biggest distillery, reported a drop sales of itsbaijiu branddropped66 percent, the FT reported.

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Hermes Replica Handbags A rally in Las Vegas will launch an effort to register 1 million voters and target swing states in the midterm elections.Thousands of people turned out in central London despite sleet and snow to show solidarity with women around the world. Demonstrators chanted across from British Prime Minister Theresa May’s office on Sunday with placards reading “We Are Powerful” and “Time’s Up” to mark the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration.Get MoreHe wrote a book on the art of negotiation and was elected to office claiming he alone could end Washington gridlock, but President Donald Trump’s latest attempt to broker a big, bipartisan deal has turned into a big mess.The failure to find consensus on immigration and spending is a blow to Trump’s presidency on the one year anniversary of his inauguration and perhaps more painfully, a blow to his brand as a wheeler and dealer. The funding feud, which led to a government shutdown at midnight Friday, is the second time Trump has dived into a negotiation and come up short on a top priority.As with failed talks about overhauling the nation’s health system, Trump has again slammed into the difficulties of Washington’s particular mix of tricky politics and complex policy.Get MoreRepublican Sen Hermes Replica Handbags.