Net proceeds paid to charity have increased from 3,982 in 2003 to 10,050 in 2007, when proceeds were shared between Macmillan, Acorns Children’s Hospice (45 per cent each) and other Rotary Charities (10 per cent). The beneficiaries will be the same this year. Commercial sponsorship in 2008 has been affected by the difficult economy and is considerably lower, but personal sponsorship has increased again, and we hope that the overall total should be somewhere near last year’s figure..

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Is it a shame to judge this rare heart in existence or is it to be exploited by this heart? It is wrong to offer all that we can to others with complete satisfaction without asking in exchange, and not a defect in us that God gave us the most beautiful gift, the good heart, which does not ask the known of anyone who gave him assistance one day knowing that this person may not deserve this well known. But the disadvantage lies in these human beings who exploit that goodness and label their owners naively. Each one of us has qualities Beautiful in character, distinguished from the other and the good heart of this
Ftaiba heart is a beautiful and beloved character in the person loves all around him, the heart
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