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canada goose sale For Tylan, there’s also behavioural and emotional challenges.MARMINJEE HAND: It’s really frightening.GEOFF DAVIS: A nine year old kid bashing himself on the head with a piece canada goose outlet canada goose outlet of wood and then saying, “I’m gonna kill myself.”MARMINJEE HAND: And things like that, you know.BRONWYN HERBERT: That’s what he did?MARMINJEE HAND: That’s what he does when he goes into these rage.GEOFF DAVIS: Tylan said to us, “It’s like my brain’s not working.” He’s says hitting himself on the head and it’s like so he could almost recognise that in himself his behaviour and what he was doing was wrong. And I said to him, “Can you control it?,” and he said, “No.”BRONWYN HERBERT: The Fitzroy Valley communities, in partnership with leading researchers from the Georges Institute and Sydney University, have conducted a study of FASD’s prevalence. For the first time in Australia, the results will show just how widespread the disorder is within an entire community.GEOFF DAVIS: There is a significant percentage of the population who have brain damage because of the alcohol that’s been consumed while they were in their mother’s womb and that is evident in the way that this place functions.MARMINJEE HAND: And they’ve paralysed the whole community, you know, I mean, the impact that alcohol has had on many families here.BRONWYN HERBERT: After more than a dozen suicides and alarming reports of alcohol fuelled violence and child abuse, the community leaders lobbied the Liquor Board and for the first time in Australia got restrictions placed on take away alcohol sales.JUNE OSCAR, FITZROY CROSSING WOMEN’S RESOURCE CENTRE: It was often grandmothers and great grandmothers saying, “These children are different to how we’ve experienced parenting and raising our own kids,” and it was becoming evident to them that alcohol consumption by women during pregnancy was having a toll on their lives.BRONWYN HERBERT: Aboriginal leaders have worked with some of Australia’s top medical experts to assess over 100 children across the Fitzroy Valley’s 45 remote communities.JAMES FITZPATRICK, PAEDIATRICIAN, TELETHON INSTITUTE: Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder isn’t an Aboriginal problem and it isn’t a problem just in remote Australia canada goose sale.