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Give me the courage to apologize

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Sheroes opened in Agra in December last year, and went on become one of this year’s most talked about cafes not because it serves an obscure dish that can’t be found elsewhere or the menu has been curated by a Michelin starred chef, but because the concept behind the place is meant to rehabilitate women who have been victims of acid attacks. The cafe is testament to changing attitudes where acid attack victims are concerned; it saw more than 5,000 customers within the first six months of its opening. Women who work at Sheroes have otherwise faced rejection at regular, corporate jobs because of the way they look.

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I am certain that in the event of a failure, nasa would have stayed online til the bitter end helping the astronauts try to fix the problems. Leaving them stranded goes against every philosophy that Nasa and the United States stand for. Certainly there were risks, and the astronauts were well aware of those risks, but they were also aware that if a problem developed, and it was unlikely there would be no problems at all, that Nasa would spend every last moment of those astronaut’s lives trying to come up with a solution..

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