Police seized hundreds of forensic exhibits, including multiple weapons, more than a dozen handcuffs and what appeared to be charred human flesh, in a scouring of the Douglas Garland property, court heard Tuesday.Const. Ian Oxton, the forensic crime scenes unit officer tasked with collecting the exhibits, testified about the extensive search of the Airdrie farm during July 2014.Oxton told Crown prosecutor Shane Parker he found items of interest in two outbuildings on the property, an area around a burn barrel, which was still smouldering when police arrived on July 4, and in the basement Garland occupied in his parents rural home.Along with the aforementioned items, Oxton found two meat hooks, a large hacksaw and an array of knives.He also found firearms components, including what appeared to be two handgun silencers, and locks and tools used to pick them.Their bodies have never been found.Oxton said officers did an intensive search around the burn barrel, going shoulder to shoulder as they looked for evidence on their hands and knees.He showed jurors a photo of one piece of a blackened area marked by one of the officers.was a small fragment attached to what appeared to be a piece of cloth, Oxton said, adding the fragment appeared to be flesh.Another item he found on July 17 was particularly disturbing.the process I found what I believed to be a small piece of charred flesh, he said of the thumbnail sized item.When he rubbed it, a red liquid appeared on his glove which he tested with a chemical and got a positive result for blood.In the basement of the home, Oxton found a number of strange items, including size 13 women pumps, two blond wigs, a straight jacket and a pair of reusable adult diapers, the latter strewn on the floor of a closet.A computer hard drive was found in the basement rafters and turned over to the technology unit, he said.Among the many books found were two of particular interest to Oxton: Silent Death, which he described as a to commit murder and not be caught publication and Be Your Own Undertaker: How To Dispose of a Dead Body.Meanwhile, jurors were Replica bags also shown photographs taken after Garland July 4 arrest near the property in the northeast corner of Airdrie.Const. David Blackwood took pictures of Garland at the Calgary police arrest processing unit the following evening showing cuts to Garland upper lip and the top of his head, as well as a large bruise on the outside of his right knee..

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“It’s concerning to see the deaths, of course,” Shell said. “It’s a tragedy in our community when anybody dies. Again, we’re not linking these.

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