The couple flies back to Bechuanaland and neither are well received. Khama is in line to become the next king of his tribe, but that’s in jeopardy now, thanks to a scheming Uncle Tshekedi (Vusi Kunene) and a community that is in shock. The British government gives the lovers a hard time too, figuring out elaborate ways to keep them apart, even as Ruth becomes pregnant. La preuve : Cannes termin, le problme est il rsolu? Nous n rien qui empchera la seule chose qu attend de nous : produire la meilleure slection possible et dire le cinma qui vient. Si l prochaine, un film ralis par une femme est mal accueilli, on dira qu a t abusivement slectionne parce qu est une femme. Cette situation serait vite intenable.

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