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If it’s a country song, it’s a country song and we play it

Then he said: The insured slave if the interruption of the world and the turn of the Hereafter came to him angels of the sky white faces as if their faces with the sun as a shroud of the coffins of Paradise, From the joys of Paradise, so that they will sit out of the sight of him and then the king of death will come peace be upon him until he sits at his head,,, He says: (O you good soul Go to the remission of Allah and Radwan.

He said: “So you will go out like a drop from the mouth of the mouth.” He said: ? And they say: So the son of so-called the best names that they called it in the world .. Until they end to the minimum heaven, and open to him, open to them,He said: “Write down the book of my servant in two tents, and bring him back Fake Hermes Belts to the land; for I have created them, and in them I will bring them back, and out of them he will bring them out some times.” His soul is in his body, and two kings come to him, and he sits down, and they say to him, “Who is your Lord?” He says: “The Lord of God.” They say to him: “What is your religion?” He says: “The religion of Islam.” They say to him: “What is this man who sent you?” He says: “He is the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).” They say to him: “What is your knowledge?” He said: I read the book of God and I was entrusted with a fan club in heaven [that the truth of my servant Vfrshoh of Paradise and dressed him from Paradise and opened him a door to heaven}

He said: Vaiathah of the spirit and good and sweep him in his grave D.

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Hermes Replica Belts O God, I seek you from all things. Say: “He is Allah, one of God who has not yet given birth, and has not been born, and has not had any one.” On my right hand, and on the north, and above me, and on my underside, and on my front, from behind me, I ask you to make me in my watch. I know and where I do not know and where I hope and where I do not hope and take my heart and his reputation and sight and tongue and hand and man until you graduated in this hour (3) Praise be to God the Most High, Glory be to Allah and praise him 0
O Allah, You are the highest of them, the most powerful and the most precious of them power and hope in you is greater than my fear and my feet of them Vkvni evil and push me Dharhm Bholk and your strength and solace and power only God Almighty 0 < > الله ياشاهدا is not absent ويا soon not far away and often is not misguided Make me in my case and I will not be rewarded and rewarded me in terms of not calculated, O God, I complain to you from his friend and friend of the charges and hostility and make me a breakthrough and exit 0
God House of the book Fast Account Defeat 0000 and Zazlhm 0
Oh God, you are safe from all things, and all things are afraid of you, because of your security from all things, and the fear of all things of you is security أخاف 0
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