O God, pray to our Lord and our Prophet Muhammad. > Oh God, pray to our master and our Prophet Muhammad a prayer that gives us a happy life
O God, pray to our master and our Prophet Muhammad a prayer that facilitates all things for us – O God, pray to our Lord and our Prophet

– Cleansed by those who are the hearts of our hearts
Oh God, pray to our master and our Prophet Muhammad prayer Minimize the world in our eyes
Oh God, pray to our Lord and our Prophet Muhammad prayer magnified by your majesty in s Lobna
O Allah, pray to our master and our Prophet Muhammad a prayer that you will satisfy us with your cause O Allah, send blessings upon our master and our Prophet Muhammad, a prayer that we can fulfill with our trust and appeal to you. O Allah, pray to our Lord and our Prophet Muhammad, a prayer of your satisfaction and satisfaction and satisfaction with us.

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