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It’s like a comic book come to life

“On time performance is probably number two after you ensure you have safety.”The message has gone out through every level of Metro North Commuter Railroad that safety must come first, Giulietti said.”The people who work here still care it’s a matter of focusing our energies,” he said.Giulietti, 61, worked at Metro North from 1983 to 1998, reaching the level of superintendent in an era when its trains got high marks from commuters and regulators. The MTA, parent of Metro North, is counting on the new $285,000 a year executive to restore the reputation of the nation’s busiest commuter railroad.Federal regulators have been examining every aspect of the railroad’s operations, and the National Transportation Safety Board has been compiling reports on the two major derailments in 2013 that combined to injure more than 100 passengers and kill four. A track supervisor was also killed in 2013 when a trainee inadvertently allowed a 70 mph train to pass through a work zone.Over the years, Metro North has been under pressure to add trains on the heavily used New Haven Line, which merges with the Harlem and Hudson lines before entering Manhattan.

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