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Replica Hermes Bags Ahead of being roasted by friends and family on television next week, Alec Baldwin stopped by the “Tonight Show” to chat with Jimmy Fallon about his now iconic President Donald Trump impersonation and his no holds barred memoir.Baldwin and Fallon wasted no time sliding into pal like banter, two Saturday Night Live alums once again Replica Hermes Birkin Replica Hermes lighting up a stage together.’Tonight’: Houston Choir Sings ‘Lean on Me'”Your impression is unbelievable,” Fallon said of Baldwin’s Trump.And the “Tonight” host clearly isn’t the only one in awe of Baldwin’s ability to slip into the businessman turned president. The comedian has had a recurring role on SNL since October 2016, playing his larger than life Trump more than 20 times.The Looks and Performances of 2017 MTV Video Music AwardsBaldwin told Fallon he enjoys portraying the president in the “quick bursts” of SNL sketches because he doesn’t have to linger too long in the character, as he would in a 90 minute film.”We’re in, we’re out,” he said through large, black sunglasses glistening under the studio lights.’Late Night’: Gwendoline Christie Cried Singing With MadonnaBaldwin made sure to humbly clarify he was wearing the shades not because he’s a “movie star” but because he needed to hide an ugly allergy.But just because he’s in and out of the character doesn’t mean his work doesn’t follow him home. Fallon played a video for the audience of Baldwin teaching his 3 year old daughter, Carmen, his signature moves.In the video, Carmen sits next to her dad, looking up at him Replica Hermes Bags.