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Goyard Replica Bags Lawyer Laura Wells (Laura Kern) is having trouble with a client, Fuller (Jared Harris), who, after nine months, still refuses to take her advice; humourless Gina (Michelle Williams) is building a house from scratch with her husband Ryan (James le Gros), and feels he constantly undermines her; meanwhile lonely ranch hand Jamie (Lily Gladstone) takes an instant liking to law grad Beth (Kristen Stewart) after stumbling into a class on education law.What unites the women is a sense of alienation and isolation(Picture: IFC Films)What unites these vignettes, which are based on the stories of Maile Maloy, is a sense of alienation and isolation, and the perceived powerlessness of the independent women at their centre to change their circumstances.In the very first scene, the camera lingers on the image of Laura, lying in bed after having sex with her married lover, reflected in a mirror, and throughout the film the motif of glass repeats itself. Over and over again Reichardt films her actors reflected in mirrors or through glass, illustrating an absence of connection. Laura’s construction worker client, whose frustrations threaten to mutate into violence, sees her as something approaching a mother, and fails to take her legal advice seriously until he hears the same thing from a male lawyer. Goyard Replica Bags

cheap goyard That’s because the high end audio visual company has designed its store as a lure. In the window are the shiny, seemingly affordable products from the company’s sister brand, B Play. Headphones, wireless speakers and earbuds are prominent. Using the old to make something new. That was the message of the final day of Paris fashion week, of Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton, the closers to a season that has seen fewer retrospective rehashes than usual. That is, bar an insistent resurgence of eighties haute couture in this city, of styles last seen when fashion was dancing on the precipice of recession and hence pumped out shoulders, poufed skirts and generally made its presence aggressively felt cheap goyard.