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Now a community champion for his local care commissioning group

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cheap canada goose jackets This was reviewed every six weeks.”One of John’s goals was to use an escalator so the team took him to Marks and Spencer and spent the afternoon getting him comfortable with riding one again.”Through John’s hard work, he is now being able to speak, although he does have expressive aphasia. He can also walk with the use of a stick and even enjoys cooking despite still being paralysed in his right arm.John volunteers at a local community caf and has also completed an NVQ in stroke awarenessWhile his stroke has meant that he has had to take early retirement, he has refused to write himself off and is an active member of the community.In fact, John has used his experience to reach out canada goose sale to others in a similar situation.Now a community champion for his local care commissioning group, John attends meetings where he is able to voice the views of stroke survivors, sharing how he believes their needs could be best met thereby influencing how stroke rehab is best delivered in the local area.As well as this John volunteers at a local community caf both in the kitchen making soup and at front of house.John has also completed an NVQ in stroke awareness something that has helped him make sense of his condition. Completion of this qualification was not an easy process as it involved a lot of writing and reading things that John now finds very difficult cheap canada goose jackets.