Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the noble prophets and messengers of our master Muhammad and his family and companions and followers in charity to the day of the Lord and encourage me to thank your grace, which you have blessed me and my father and to do good to satisfy him and enter me with your mercy in your righteous slaves. O Allah, I ask you to believe in my heart, and to be honest so that I know that it only affects what I wrote to me, and I am pleased with what you have divided for me. To God the Lord of the Worlds, peace and blessings be upon the prophets and messengers of our master Muhammad and his family and companions It is sold by charity to a day, and the thunder is thundering with praise and the angels from its foolishness, and sends lightning to the one who wills, and they argue with Allah, and He is very strong.

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O Allah, pray on His Signs On the owner of miracles
O Allah, the owner of the paranormal habits

O Allah, bless the one who delivered the stones on him
O God, pray to those who prostrate in his hands the trees On the one who is baptized with his blessing of fruit
O Allah, pray to those who have been burned from the rest and light of the trees. O Allah, pray to the one who has blown out of his light all the lights. O God, pray to those who pray by him. Hermes Replica Handbags

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Satisfying the Lord and inheriting his love for the memory
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Replica Hermes O people of Medina, they reached the Messenger of Allah from me a scented greeting, they demanded of me peace and longing and a desire to visit the self-cleansed and pure spot, Dgoh that longing for your presence, standing in the queue of lovers waiting for permission to see you, do not deprive him, The world and the prince of the Hereafter

The messenger of Allah, peace be upon me, peace and lust for that, the shining face and the brilliant forehead, they reached Moulay, the Messenger of Allah, my greetings, peace, love and love. The time I pray behind my beloved Muhammad, heartburn in my heart that I did not look forward to that face sallow, heartburn in my heart that I did not look at his life, A heart in my heart that I did not heal my heart with his vision, heartburn in my heart I did not ask him accompany in heaven, heartburn in my heart because my eyes did not see my heart, heartburn in my heart because my body did not hurt in his love. AbdulRashid my love to the prince of the people of the unseen and the witnesses Moulay Mohammed the king’s friendly messenger

O Allah, I have no one with me now, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon me, I tell the Messenger of Allah peace be upon me Replica Hermes.