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Soon it becomes a race against time for MacCauley to sort out

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Replica Hermes In collaboration with Boston University Inc., Cambridge College and the International Federation of Training (IFT), IATD offers you the strongest TOT training diploma in the Arab world. The International Academy for Training and Development invites you to participate in the first training of trainers diploma In the Arab World

Trainer’s Trainer Program

Advanced International Trainer Diploma (37th Batch)
Join and be certified as an international coach, consultant and trainer in your country
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Certificates and cards obtained after the completion of the diploma: –
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– Certificate from Boston University (Advanced International Trainer)
– Certificate from the International Federation of Training (Advanced International Trainer) – Certificate from the International Academy of Training and Development (Advanced International Trainer) – Certificate from the International Federation of Training (International Internship Internship) – Certificate from the International Academy of Training Development (Internship Internship) – Certificate from International Training Federation (Training Advisor) – – Certificate from the Academy

International Training and Development Academy – > – Carney University of Boston (international coach)
– Carney Club of Trainers (membership in the club of trainers)
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Get a special package of gifts and tools that qualify you for excellence and professionalism in the field of training in the Arab world. > Be unique and different for you

For the first time in the Arab world we offer all trainees 60 free training packages
1 – crisis management and inheritance 2 – art of etiquette and urticule 3 – how to deal with your anger 4 – br> 5- How to deal with the adolescent child
6- Effective teaching
7- The mental maps
8- The six hats 9 – Sales and marketing
10 – The art of customer service
11 -Secrets of success in administrative work

How to write your own project 14 – > 17- Human Resource Management
18- Multiple Intelligences
19- Character Patterns 20- Child Education 21- Constitution of Marital Relationships 22- Skills of Academic Excellence
23- Preparing Leaders

26 – Effective Communication

27 – Writing CV and Interviews 28 – Leadership and Management (Leader Skills) Controversy 30 – Preparation and Writing Reports 31-32-33 – Dealing with others (3 bags ) 34- Problem Solving Skills 35- Planning Skills 36- Career Loyalty 37- Work Stress and its Impact on Performance 38- The Art of Dealing with the Public 39- Self-Esteem and Trust Self

42- The Seven Habits
The Secrets of Marital Happiness

The Secrets of Love
46 – The art of dealing with complaints and customer objection 47 – Management of public relations
48 – Brainstorming 49 – Management of the mind
50 – The art of managing the problems of the family

51 – How to determine your career path < > 52- Event Management
53- The Skills Of Authoring Art
54- The Management Of Family Budget
55- The Art Of Administrative Motivation
56 – Administrative Duties
57 – Presentation Skills and Duties
58 – Writing Management Reports
59 – Management of Controversy
60 – Management Planning and Goal Setting
Bags in its entirety (Instructor’s Guide + Trainee’s Guide + PowerPoint Presentation)
* Exclusive for the first time full training of trainers bag (trainer’s guide + trainee guide + PowerPoint presentation) Free * Training library games * Get pin and medal (international certified trainer)
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