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Taiwan Association jogging week in and week of April jogging militia

2017/4/23 bear empty ecological plantations jogging trails militia

venue (Japan) in the Three Gorges area: Bear empty ecological tea garden, bamboo Three Gorges area 238 Oakland Road

Meeting time: 7:30

morning route:
A group of brave feet Mission: bear empty ecological tea – tea Daliao Languages ​​Institute (reentry) about 20K < br>
group B paternity route: bear bear empty empty ecological tea ~ stargazing farm (reentry) about 5K

equipment: water bag, private supplements, money, clothes, hats, etc…….

take a total of traffic: take the first bus point 6:15 Zhongxing Street, happiness Road (Jiama Department Store) take the second bus point 6:30 Xinpu MRT Station 2 Exit 7-11

★ Note: 1 lunch at noon, free to participate, please register whether to eat, to benefit set table.

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Thank you, my father for teaching. Thanksgiving forever!.

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