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Our primary concern was the health of Kyara. The expert veterinary and animal care teams made the decision to bring Kyara to the husbandry pool at the Animal Hospital to ensure she received the necessary hydration and treatment. Additionally, Kyara had not been receiving the daily nutrition that she needed, so the teams supplemented that nutrition through hand feeding multiple times each day..

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After Jeter fractured his ankle in a ghastly stumble in the ALCS on Oct. 14, 2012, the Yankees bowed out quietly. He tried several times to return last season but re fractured the ankle in spring training and continued pulling leg muscles.

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The images were created by an agency in India as award entries, not as part of any Ford campaign. The agency, WPP Group’s JWT India, fired employees involved in creating the images. Ford officials in the United States said they were appalled..

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The only problem is that she super religious (she worships god and Beyonc as is her boyfriend. The show casually breaks the fourth wall, commenting on everything from race to sex. Take, for example, this laugh out loud one liner, buried in an episode of many more, in which Tracey ruminates on kissing white men: just that they got really small lips, and they can embrace the challenge of lips like mine, and then they try and compensate for their lack of lips with the tongue, and then the tongue ends up everywhere, just flapping around.

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