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The Chilean government spokeswoman

Did you know that:

1- The streets in Japan have no names.

2 – The language with the least number of characters is the language of Hawaii: 12 characters – 3-15 billion cigarettes are Smokers all over the world every day..

4- When America decided to open an embassy in Iraq, Saddam named the street opposite the embassy on Palestine Street to force the Americans to write the name of Palestine in their correspondence!!!!! > 5 – The shortest war in history was between Zanzibar and England in 1896, where the war lasted 38 minutes after the surrender of Zanzibar!!!!!

6 – Most people respond to the written talks with one word in the case of
7 –

Psychologists say that the people around you are happy, In a person who lasts for 4 months, if it lasts longer you fall in love,

10 – Female fear of insects is not artificial fear, it is a real fear implanted in the 11 – the tickle was, basically, a means of torture!

12 – You can not take the same and swallow your leg at the same moment,

13 – When you sneeze, you die for a second!

14 – The first 3 seconds after you wake up from sleep Memory loss..

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