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replica ysl “I just watched him out there, and in my opinion he didn’t seem to be the athlete who went gap to gap to go get balls in batting practice,” the Phillies director of player development said of Domonic Brown, the one time crown jewel of the organization’s minor league system seeking to regain the form that once made him one of baseball’s best prospects. “He seemed to be having a lot more fun [in pregame] than he did in left.”Jordan’s observation led to the return of Brown to center field for the first time in four years. He played center five times on the eight game road trip to Charlotte and made his sixth start in center in the second game of Saturday night’s doubleheader atCoca ColaPark.”I thought he was just kind of messing around with me,” Brown said of his reaction to the conversation with Jordan about playing center field.”I’m fortunate [Phillies general managerRuben Amaro Jr.] has given me the freedom to try things,” Jordan, in his first year in the organization, said of the switch replica ysl.