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Thirty-eighth: it included to mention God and thanked him and knowledge of his generosity On his slaves to send him, the Messenger peace be upon him has included his prayer to him, the remembrance of God and his messenger and ask him to give him the blessings of him what is his family as our Lord knew us and his names and attributes and guided us to the path of his pleasures and knew the Almighty our money after reaching it and coming to it is included for all faiths It is included to acknowledge that the Lord is called, his knowledge, his reputation, his ability, his will, his life, his word, sending his Messenger and his confirmation in all his news, and the perfection of his love, and there is no doubt that these are the fundamentals of faith. Praying upon him is peace and blessings of God. : That sala The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is a du’aa ‘and a du’aa’ of a slave, and his question from his Lord is two kinds:
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And God in Quraish are all more cheating old cowardly obscene clouds

Lola the Prophet, and say the right laminate for you left a female or male

He says in broken reproach Krisha where defeat on the Badr:

us the Apostle and in us the right to follow him until death victory unlimited

Mstasman rope is Mnjzm bitter from the ropes of God outstretched

by another, We keep away from Hassan ibn Thabit what the narrators accused him of, and not accept from his hair except what is dominated by the funeral in the days and genealogy.

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