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The instrument is fretless, which means the player has to be

Praise be to God who inspired me *** Love of the beloved since I was born
This Muhammad filled my heart love *** This beloved is the master of the Apostles
This is the religion of the right guide us *** For the purpose of the law is high on boredom
Habibna Mustafa of Y Which is disputed by our beloved Habib Mustafa who challenges him. We love Ahmed more precious than our love. *** To ourselves with our blood and hands.

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Replica Hermes Birkin Safety Policy 5. Management and Responsibilities 6 – Safety and Health Programs Of Safety & Health Programs
7- Training Methods for Safety Safety Training Methods
8- Risk Identification Hazard identification
9- resolvedJHA – JSA – Risk Assessment – 10 – Risk Assessment Reports – Safety Management Reports and Forms – 12 – Supervision and Leadership – Supervisory and Leadership in Safety – 13 – Effective safety Committee Meetings
14- evaluate the safety management system safety management system Evaluation
15- organization SMS regulation
16- work permits work permit
17- safety inspection operations self safety self-inspections
18. Safety of audit safety review and audit
19- investigations and reports of accidents investigations and incidentreports
20- emergency plans emergency Action plans
21- emergency preparedness emergency preparedness
22- supervision and leadership
Implementing and activating peace systems Salamah 25- Safety Records & Models
26- Leadership & Responsibility
27- Efficiency & Training
28- Contractors & Suppliers & Others
29- Continuous Improvement The student has: – 27 certified certificates + 5 Carnivals
14 certified certificates from OCHA Middle East accredited + 13 certified certificates from the Arab Society of Experts and Safety Professionals stamped with the seal of the eagle and the fingerprint of the Egyptian Foreign Replica Hermes birkin Ministry + 5 Carnations for the student documented by the Society Arabic for experts and professionals can be obtained for each session individually;
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