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These prayers say 000000 Oh God

the middle class is getting smaller

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I just want a good wife. I will be careful in dealing with girls. This is what Satan has described to me, knowing that I have not known a way of chatting.

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O God, pray to our master Muhammad, the light of God in His heavens, and guidance of God in His land and the successor of Allah in His creation., And the care of God in His kingdom. O Allah, pray to our master Muhammad Zia, the minds of the souls, the guidance of the souls, the light of sight, your servant the chosen, the best, the dawn of secrets, the sanctuary of the righteous, the kiss of sight, the fold of lights, obedience to God.

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How Ahbaaaaaaaaaabk torment and we love you.. How Taaqubna and we love you.. How Tatbna and we love you..

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We have to admit that the way to deal with mobility in the southern provinces We have to admit that we have not been able to deal with issues of concern to the people of the southern provinces, whether living life or problems of nationalization, land, housing, employment or issues of corruption, security and administration or creating appropriate conditions for investment and job creation for young people. Etc. 000

We have to admit that we failed to address the issue of Saada and that the six wars were ill-considered and that the losses were great and their results were catastrophic for the country 0

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