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They won twice at the College World Series before being ousted

Gud Am po mga sir, PTP po, sir alam ko po 5k hanggang, wala pa ako nakakasama sa 10KKC, sir post ko po bka po gsto, o help a friend lang po, sale siya 20k, pero I do not know why he can sell it at all, pls help me nlng po, by the way, i’m in 10KKc, i’m just testing it, pre please get Suggestion, thanks
Sze Condition 9/10 Is it okay to use it to play, it’s a good thing to do with it, just to 10 fingers

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A game character model that I did for Gilberto Magno’s game workshop

Modelled in Zbrush, and Maya
Textured in Photoshop and Substance Painter
Rendered in Marmoset
Composited in Photoshop

Total tris 69k

The model are based on Petro Semeshchuk concept Illustration, you can check his Artstation on link below:
And also I include a picture from 5 years Replica bags ago, where everything started my journey as a 3d artist and promised to redo the model after learning accumulated skill through out years 🙂

Comments and Critiques are welcome ^^

Link for the artstation:
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