Les tablissements thermaux se divisent en plusieurs salles aux fonctions proprement balnaires. Les plus petits tablissements ne proposent que le minimum de services et ne disposent que des principales salles (bains froids et chauds) dans des dimensions parfois trs modestes[12]. Au contraire, les grands thermes impriaux se composent de trs nombreuses salles, de grandes dimensions et souvent ddoubles..

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[[J]] Fueh City:
(1) Google Tones – Computer Services – Behind Civil Registry – Beside El Fath School – 01008953783
(3) El Damanhoury For Mobile Services – From El Fath St. – Beside The Wood Saw Association – 01009804014
[[D]] Klin City: Al-Mawqaf – 01096966670 – 01279895975
(2) Wael Samir – House of computers – in front of the sale of products – Dr. Hani Dweir Street – from Gamal Abdel Nasser St., 01011992663 [H] City of Sidi Salem:
(1) م / فاروق – Al Farouk Company For Computer Services – Aswaq El Tawheed El Gadida Bldg. – Beside El Hadj Lotfy Abdel Aaty Furnace – 01210086810 – 01000327147
(2) br> (3) Sabawai Company LLC Matt computer – field – in front of the Grand Mosque – Second Floor – 01220136334
[[and] Cityمطوبس:
(1) م / عبده – شركة العالمية – مطوبس – الموقف الجديد – 01003988066 (((Eleventh))) Damietta Governorate: [[أ] 1) CLICK – CLICK – Sorour Square – Beside El Khawaja Coffee Shop – Other Afrikaana Juice Shop Street – Damietta City 01005686060 – 01223222696
(2) Ganna Office – Sorour Square – In front of the Shaheen Roastery – 01006401234 Damietta City. (Port Said Governorate): [[A]] Port Said City:

Port Said Governorate: br> (1) New LAP Shop – Al Saqr Mall for Computer – Al Gomhouria Street – Next to Mobinil – in front of Al Maad 0162456702 – 01012895444 – 01005778466

Technology Center – 16 Qashlaq El Sawalal St., The Last Walk, El Ekyaby Tower, Behind Banque Misr, 6th Of October Branch, 01224330433, 01002555654 Tags: ((((Thirteen) (1) A / Khalid – 01220150130 – (Free) Macintosh Store – MACINTOSH:
Main Branch: In Front of the Tree Club – Behind the Mayor Market. Br> The second branch: in front of the Courts Complex – Behind Photo Salma Studio – El Salheen Street

Ismailia City – 12am – 12 pm
(2) Specialized Shop – SPECIALIST – 129 El Tahrir St. Hermes Handbags

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