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With the largest group of legal accountants in all disciplines
Practical and theoretical training on real documents from real companies.
– Accounting qualification for the labor market
– Financial accounting
– Accounting book –
Accounting – Excel (Peachtree _ Quickbooks)
– Accounting costs – Accounting companies – Accounting Import and Export
****** Advantages of Training with Pioneers *****
* Training Applied and professional note that the explanation in Arabic and English
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Tel: 22735383 – 22757911 (02)
Cairo Exhibition (Zaher City):
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Tel: 29286040 (02)
6th Of October Exhibition: Ali al-Din – Laylat al-Qadr Sq. Tel: 38838015 – 38838332 (02) with Rid Sidi Beshr: Alexandria: Cairo St. – Sidi Beshr – El Qady Building: Tel 5290426 – 5276503 (03)
El Nozha Showroom

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